Goldsmith of the Year 2016

A panel appointed by the Finnish Goldsmith Association has chosen the Goldsmith of the Year since 1987. Goldsmiths, silversmiths, jewellers or engravers who have displayed particular professional competence are all eligible for nomination to the panel.

We're happy to announce that Petri Pulliainen has been voted as Goldsmith of the year 2016!

Congratulations to the winner!

Eero Hintsanen

Ville Redman

Petri Pulliainen

Petri Pulliainen

The thought of infinite durability drives Petri Pulliainen from one piece of work to another. He specialises in rings and has set himself high standards; his work often takes the most challenging route possible. Rows of diamonds set in steel sparkle on the ring fingers of many brides and grooms.

He harnesses wonderful and spontaneous ideas and turns them into skilfully crafted pieces of jewellery. Pulliainen is inspired by high-quality design and handicrafts, wherever they come together: in jewellery, a chair, or even a garden. Handing over a finished, flawless piece of work to the customer is the most rewarding part of his job.

Pullainen’s jewellery embodies carefully thought-out minimalism and masculinity. He is disinterested in organic and abundant shapes, and is instead fascinated by geometry. Pulliainen finds titanium-reinforced, acid-resistant stainless steel to be an especially interesting material in this day and age.

Currently working as a goldsmith in Aito Helsinki, his dream is to create luxury items for people who already have everything. Poker tables and oil barons’ gilded chairs are encrusted with yellow diamonds while the cool steel surface of a schnapps glass meets a jewel-studded explosion.

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