v Eero Hintsanen - Goldsmith of the Year 2016 - Brilliant! -exhibition in the National Museum 18.9.2015 - 1.2.2016

Goldsmith of the Year 2016

A panel appointed by the Finnish Goldsmith Association has chosen the Goldsmith of the Year since 1987. Goldsmiths, silversmiths, jewellers or engravers who have displayed particular professional competence are all eligible for nomination to the panel.

We're happy to announce that Petri Pulliainen has been voted as Goldsmith of the year 2016!

Congratulations to the winner!

Eero Hintsanen

Ville Redman

Petri Pulliainen

Eero Hintsanen

A pine forest shrouded in mist, a person and sculpturesque jewellery that evokes strange echoes. It is from these elements that Eero Hintsanen constructs his intriguing works, narrating Finnish stories from a dark and gloomy angle.

Both a master goldsmith and master of arts, Hintsanen traverses the worlds of sculpture and jewellery design. As the designer of the Chao & Eero duo, he works on not only ranges of jewellery, but also on unique, large pieces, whose atmospheres are full to the brim with old-world mystique.

Hintsanen prefers to work with silver, which never fails to reveal an interesting roughness and coarse nature as he works with it. A piece of jewellery can consist of dozens of components cast from silver, with a base of hand-sculpted wax. The focus is not on purity, or a shiny finish, but instead different, dark oxidised or white fine silver surfaces.

To complete the narrative, all elements are combined: the jewellery, items, models and photographs come together to form a captivating whole, which is, to its creator, always the prototype for the next, bigger piece.


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