Goldsmiths 1987 - 2015

Each goldsmith of the year has their own individual idiom and method of working. The jewellery and items were created using various methods: handcrafting, drilling, sawing, forging, casting. For many, modern 3D-technology has opened doors to unlimited possibilities for new design. Over the decades, goldsmiths and silversmiths have shaped many unique pieces of luxury jewellery, but have also worked with mass production.

Goldsmith of the Year 2016

The smiths are connected by their passion, quality and an uncompromising attitude towards their work. They don't cut corners; instead, they will labour over even the smallest detail. A journey through the Brilliant! exhibition will uncover experimentation, the search for novel ideas, respect for traditions and international success stories. The smiths' works have been given as gifts to members of royal families and to popular figures who have divided popular opinion, such as the Shah of Iran and Diana, Princess of Wales. Throughout the decades, the jewellery has featured in well-respected, international exhibitions and in private collections.

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2015 Heikki Hartikainen 2013 Essi Pullinen 2012 Carina Blomqvist 2011 Pekka Kulmala 2010 Ari-Pekka Rantanen

Carina Blomqvist

Jewellery is the result of passion. Tiny, precise decorations, plant-like themes coupled with pearls, glass and the dancing colours of enamel dance in Carina Blomqvist’s jewellery. Her world is imbued with a feminine romance and fantastic quality. She is inspired by aesthetics. This goldsmith’s pen refuses to draw straight lines. Over the course of her career, she has taken an increasingly abundant approach in her work.

In her work, Blomqvist makes use of 3D modelling, which has opened the floodgates for her productivity. Modelling has opened up a wealth of ideas and allowed her to overcome any obstacles to her work. The best ideas tease the designer unrelentingly, never leaving her in peace. To Blomqvist, the jewellery wearer is like a painting only missing the final touch, which the jeweller then adds with her own work.

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